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Protect your data with Synology Data Scrubbing

What is data scrubbing?

First of all, what is data scrubbing?

Data scrubbing is a data maintenance feature that inspects storage pools looking for corrupt data and repairing it.

Still a bit unclear right? Let me show you with an example.

You go into your synology to retrieve one of your summer pics and while you expect to see the left image, you find yourself with the one on the right. Not fun right?


The worst part of all is that once your data is corrupted, it can get worst with time.

What can cause your data to become corrupt?

Here are some examples:

  1. Improper system shutdowns
  2. System crashes or freezes,
  3. Hard drive failures, bad disk sectors,
  4. Virus infections..

Synology data scrubbing

Synology offers two types of Data Scrubbing:

Why does Synology offer two types of data scrubbing?

RAID scrubbing can ensure data consistency but it cannot tell which data block is incorrect but Btrfs data scrubbing does exactly that. AND, you do not need to choose between the two, you can have both 🙂

If you are curious and want to know exactly how both works, you can do it here.

How often should I perform Synology data scrubbing?

First of all, you should regularly performe Data Scrubbing to ensure data consistency and avoid data loss in the event of drive failure, but how often should you do it?


and you guessed it right, it depends. I can never give you a straight answer 🙁 but I can give you a roadmap.

Data scrubbing will add addtional stress to your disks and possibly performance, so you need to take that into account when configuring data scrubbing. Do like this:

  1. Run some to see how your synology performs while doing it
  2. Check how long it takes

and then decide how often you should run it:

  1. If it doesnt take too long and it doesnt affect performance, you can run it often (wouldnt go under once a week)
  2. If it affects performance, but doesnt take too long, schedule it when the server is less used.
  3. If a full scan takes over a week, consider doing it every other month.

Take also into account that the older the disks, the higher the risk of failure if you run it too often.

Synology data scrubbing limitations

Ok, I am in, how do I configure Synology Data Scrubbing?

That is the easy part, do like this:

  1. Launch Storage Manager.
  2. Go to Storage Pool > Data Scrubbing.
  3. Click Set schedule.
  4. Tick Enable Data Scrubbing schedule.
  5. Specify the Frequency, Start date, and Time Session.
  6. Go to Select Target tab.
  7. Select the storage pool on which you want to perform Data Scrubbing.
  8. Click OK.
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