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Synology 2019 Configuration Guide Part 1: Configure your new Synology in just a few clicks (DSM 6 and above)

If you are still thinking about which synology to buy, check this guide instead: Synology 2019 Buying Guide, but if you are the happy owner of a new Synology, here is a guide on how to configure your brand new Synology!!

Here is the list of upcoming posts:

  1. Part 1: Install DSM in your Synology (operating system) – This one
  2. Part 2: Configure your hard drives: Storage pool configuration
  3. Part 3: Upgrade your Synology RAM
  4. Part 4: Basic Security settings
  5. Part 5: Move/copy files between NASes


Prepare the synology

I just bought my third synlogy and I will take this opportunity to update my guide on how to get started.

The first things you need to do are to:

  1. Unpack it 😉
  2. Install the harddrives
  3. Connect to the internet with the LAN port
  4. Turn the synology ON
  5. Your computer needs to be in the same wifi or network

Find your Synology in the network

Now that you have everything connected, let’s find your synology.

Go to goole and type:

  1. “find synology”
  2. And click on the first hit: the Synology Web Assistantgoogle find synology

If your computer and synology are on the same network, the Synology web assistant will find it:

  1. Click Connect and
  2. Accept the agreement

find synology

Now, you will be invited to set it up and an internal ip address has been assigned:

set up synology

And now it will prompt us to install the DSM.

Installing manually means to download the software on your computer and browse to it. No need to that unless your connection is poor, so go ahead and click Install Now.

install dsm on synology

It will warn you that your disks will be formatted, clik OK.

format disks

And it will start installing DSM.

installing dsm on new synology

It will restart once it has finished and after that you can start using it.

Create Admin account

Now it is time to create your admin account:

  1. Give your server a name (ex. your company name)
  2. Pick a username for your admin account
  3. Pick a password
  4. and make sure it is strong enough.

create admin account dsm synology

Now it will ask you how you want to keep your DSM updated. Pick your settings and continue:

dsm maintenance

Set up QuickConnect

The next step is to set up QuickConnect.

If you dont know what QuickConnect is, it is basically a way to access your Synology without opening ports in your router. This is specially useful if you dont have access to your router (like in shared offices..).

what is quickconnect

To set it up, you do it by creating a new Synology account or by using an existing. I already have an account , so I will use existing.

what is a synology account

To set up quickconnect for the first time just add the fields specified below and pick a name for your quickconnectID, like your company name.

set up quickconnect synology

Once you fill in all the details, you will get your new Quickconnect URL.

Use that URL to access your Synology from outside the network.

your quickconnect is ready

And finally you can start playing with your Synology!!

In the next post, Part 2: Configure your hard drives: Storage pool configuration ,I will show you how to set up your Disks.

you are done!


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