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Synology 2019 Buying Guide Part 3: Which Synology NAS should you buy in 2019?

Are you looking for a Synology NAS but you find all the models confusing? How big should your disks be? RAID or not RAID? Many questions, many decisions before you know what you need to buy.

I am in the process of buying my third synology, so I decided to document the process, so you can follow my journey and hopefully it will help you decide!

In this upcoming series, I want to guide you through the buying process and the installation of a Synology NAS.

  1. Part 1: Explaining Synology NAS models
  2. Part 2: Storage needs
  3. Part 3: Which Synology should I buy then? (This post)

In this blog post I will explain the different storage types available and how you can estimate how much storage you need based on that.

Lets get started!!!

Checklist for buying your first Synology server

Let’s recap for a second on what we need to think about when buying a NAS:

  1. What are you going to use it for?
  2. Storage needs
  3. What is your budget?

Synology Use

If you are going to use your NAS for multimedia purposes or as a place to store your pictures and some documents, then the J models will be sufficient.

On the other hand if you are planing to use your NAS for more serious business, like setting a backup system (remember RAID is not a backup system), then I truly recommend you to save some money and wait until you can buy a plus model.

Storage needs

If you remember our post on storage, the main questions are:

  1. How much data do you have?
  2. What kind of data protection do you want (or can afford)

If you have, let’s say 500GB of data, multiply that by 3 and get 2TB harddrive. Multiplying your current data by 3 will secure that you have space to grow for the coming 3-5 years. If you can afford it go x5.

You might say, but it took me 10 years to get 500GB!! 1TB should be enough…Well, two things to that:

  1. We are producing more data than ever
  2. Once you buy your Synology you will store *EVERYTHING*, believe me you will.

Ok, now, how many disks do I need? That is where the level of security you want/ can afford comes into play.

If you want to get the highest security go for at least RAID 6 (meaning 4 disks), or go wild with RAID10 if you can afford it. The lower the security the lower the number of disks you need. Review this post if you dont know what I am talking about!

The Budget

Do you have unlimited budget? Well, then buy the plus series with the biggest hard drive possible and RAID 6 or upwards.

You  don’t have unlimited budget? Then you need to decide what is important for you in terms of security vs capacity.

The smaller the size of the disk, the cheaper it gets. So if you don’t store everything on your NAS (even though i am telling you, you will 😉 ), then you can save some money in disk size and go for multiple disks. That will require you buy a NAS with more disk bays which costs more, but nothing in comparison with the cost of the disks ( If you are going for the plus series).

Last words of advice: If you feel, that you should have a RAID 6 plus series, but you cant afford it: WAIT and SAVE MONEY.

Don’t buy what you can afford. Wait and save money and buy what you need.

How silly to say that, right? But I have heard so many stories of people buying too little space, cheapest nas, etc,… and they end up needing a bigger one in 6 months and 2/3’s of the budget has gone to something that is not suitable anymore.

My purchase.

So what did I buy?

As I mentioned, I needed a NAS to store my YouTube videos, and other media as well as VPN, backup, ….etc for my company, so I went for a 4 bay NAS plus series: DS918+

As I mentioned, I dont need to back up the videos as youtube does that for me, but I want to have a copy for reuse/back up in case youtube kicks me out one day :). If that happens, I need a second back up for sure!

Next post: SDD or HDD

You thought you were ready right? I am afraid not. You still need to pick the model and type of harddrives. I will cover that on the next post of this series. It will explain also why I went for the DS918+-.

Happy weekend and I hope you are enjoying this series!

4 thoughts on “Synology 2019 Buying Guide Part 3: Which Synology NAS should you buy in 2019?

  1. Which Synology NAS should you buy in 2019? None. I don’t why I bought mine, but software is awful, really hard to use this thing. Who thought of making UI desktop-like? What a moron did it? Really hard to use. At least there is a debian chroot available… It was a waste of money, I wound’t recommend to buy anything from Synology…

  2. Thanks for the great summary and sharing your valuable experience. I have my eyes on the DS1019+ as an upgrade to DS214play (which still runs perfectly after all these years!)

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