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Empty all Recycle Bins on your Synology at once

I have enabled the Recycle bins on almost all my shared folders in my Synology servers, but I rarely empty them.

I am starting to have some space constrains in one of them and I wanted to empty all the recycle bins at once.

If you also need this, here is how you do it;

Empty all recycle bins at once on your Synology

To empty all recycle bins at once:

  1. Go to the Control Panel
  2. Click  on Shared folder
  3. Action
  4. Empty all recycle bins


empty all recycle bins synology nas.png

If you are wondering if the Home directories recycle bins will also be emptied, Synology confirms that in the warning message that follows:

empty 2

and that is it!

Easy right?

One thought on “Empty all Recycle Bins on your Synology at once

  1. Is this for an early version of DSM? This screen cap doesn’t look like my app, and the action tab has no ’empty recycle’ option that I can find.

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