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Backup your Office365 to your Synology

If you are using office 365 as a small company, as I am using it, you might think that all your data gets backed up by Microsoft, but the fact is, it doesnt!

The good news if you are a Synology owner and are reading this post is that you can do just that for FREE if you need less than 10 licenses.

Great isnt it?

Ok, let’s get started on how to do this.

Install the package

So, the first thing you need to do is to install the package: Active Backup for Office365


Create a shared folder where your backup will be stored

Before you start creating your backup, you need a shared folder to store it.

Create that first:

0 shared folder

Now, lets create a backup task

Ok, now that it is installed, first find the package in the:

  1. Menu
  2. Click on Active backup for office 365

2 active backup office 365.png

As soon as you open the package, Synology will prompt you to create a task:

3 create office 365 backup task

Choose the office 365 version you have and when you click next, it will prompt you to authenticate yourself at Microsoft. Use your office 365 credentials and accept.

2 authenticate.png

Now lets configure the settings of the backup:

  1. Give the task a name
  2. Select the folder you created on the first step
  3. Select wich users to back up (remember you have 10 licenses for free)
  4. Select if you want your users to access the backup
  5. Click next

Now you need to decide how often the backup will occur and the retention:

  1. Continuous backup will backup your office365 as it changes
  2. it will retain all versions
  3. Click next

5 version control.png

and apply on the summary window.

The Synology will now start processing the backup:

6 backup

Do you need more licenses?

Here you can get an overview of the licenses, and also buy and renew!

7 add licenses

How can you manage new users added to your office365 suite?

Click on:

  1. Task List
  2. Select a task
  3. Click edit

6 edit task

On the tab “users” you will be able to update the user list and assign new users to the backup.

8update office list.png

What are all those icons?

If you see a warning icon as I do:

9 warning error

Regarding the definition of each task status, below you can find detailed information:

  • Error: If the data of a task fails to be backed up or restored, the task status will be shown as Error.
  • Warning: If the data of a task is successfully backed up or restored, but the corresponding metadata fails to go through the execution, the task status will be shown as Warning (only applicable to Drive tasks).
  • Successful: If both the data and metadata of a task are successfully backed up or restored, the task status will be shown as Successful


We are almost there, but let me cover the last thing….

You can read more about it here:

Accident happened! How do I recover the back up?

This is the reason why we are doing the backup right?

To recover elements, click on:

  1. Menu
  2. Active backup for office365 portal

2 active backup office 365.png

And there you have everything:

  1. Select your user
  2. and task

and the backup is there for you to restore.

You can read more about it here:

Thanks Synology for another amazing feature!!







9 thoughts on “Backup your Office365 to your Synology

  1. Hi, Thanks for the good overview. Ive got a question regarding teamsite data. So shared ondrive folders related to a team website. Can this be backuped also?



      1. Thanks Ruth, although that’s not what I meant. Office365 shared/teamsite folders are not supported I see. Shame this is a feature that everyone will do with an other project I guess.


  2. What file format does Synology save the Office 365 data? Can you then replicate the Synology O365 back to another device (not necessarily another Synology NAS)?

    The two scenarios that I am thinking of is:

    1. The Synology NAS has a hardware fault. I’d like to have the backups, backed up again to another location so that I don’t lose the versioning, which could be restored to a new Synology NAS and the O365 backups pickup where they left off.

    2. The Synology NAS runs out of space I need to upgrade to a new Synology NAS. Can the backups be migrated across, and the O365 backup start from where it left off.


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