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Add your Synology Music Library to your Sonos

Are you trying to add your synology music library to your Sonos? Here is a quick video on how to do it.


  1. Your sonos need to be in the same network as your NAS
  2. Your music needs to be stored in the \music folder (default folder created by synology)
  3. You need a user account with at a minimum read access to the music folder


You will need….

To set up the synology you will need:

Path to your synolgoy: \\ipaddressofyoursynology\music

Account: Either you create an account for your sonos or you use an account that have access to the music folder.


And here is how you do it:


Enjoy this tutorial and your Sonos!! :))


8 thoughts on “Add your Synology Music Library to your Sonos

  1. Yeah. Allowing SMB1 is a bad idea and SONOS does not support anything else.

    There are several other ways to get the music from you nas to your sonos speakers.
    The ones i have tested are

    1 – If you like plex: (i hate plex but this one is probably the easy way)
    Install plex server on synology nas and then add plex as a music service in your synology app.

    2 – If you want to use the SONOS library:
    Using a Virtual DMS instance that runs SMB1 and only has read only access to my music to avoid enabeling SMB1 on my host DSM.

    3 – If you dislike all of the above 🙂
    SONOS speakers can play music from UPNP media servers on your network….. Synology has a native UPNP media server aptly named ‘media server’. For some odd reason SONOS can not seem to use the Synology media server 😦 BUT you can install a lot of other media servers on your synology via docker. My current solution is running subsonic on my Synology via docker. This works with no problems for me.


  2. On Pt 2 “Your music needs to be stored in the \music folder (default folder created by synology”

    I had no trouble using another folder. Just add the custom path to \\ipaddressofyoursynology\PATH


  3. I have just added a DS218+ to replace my ageing DS107 and copied my music library across, but SONOS cannot access the new Synology. Sonos can still access and add music from the old Synology and I can play music on the new Synology using VLC; so firewall and permissions cannot be the problem. Suggestions?


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