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How to backup photos and videos from smartphone to your Synology -easily :)

Hi again!

I just discovered this past Christmas by accident, the easiest way to back up your photos and videos with a simple click. And how to remove them from your phone as easily!

I have previously shown you how to do this with the DS Photo app, but  I just discovered a better way!

Ok, here it is how to do it. You will need:

  1. DS file app installed on the phone

and that’s it 🙂

So, how do I do it then?

How to back up your photos

Here are the steps:

Open the DS app:

Click on the three bars to get to the menu and then click “Photo backup”:

Now you need to login your diskstation (1) and

2. Choose a folder in your server where you would like to load your videos and photos

3. Select if you want this to be done on wifi connections only

3. Upload photos and/or videos

4. Keep the original file name

5. Convert the image

Ok, so now you backed up your photos and you want to remove them from your phone? Here is how:

Delete the photos from your smartphone

Scroll down on the configuration pane, until you find the “Free Up Space” and click on it:

The app will tell you how many photos are backed up and if you want to clear them you just click on “Clear”. Easy right?



11 thoughts on “How to backup photos and videos from smartphone to your Synology -easily :)

  1. I think this is a very useful tip and curious to know if you’ve tested the following – If I’m currently using DS Photo to do backups and I switch to DS File (and select the same photo backup folder on my NAS) will DS File recognize photos already backed up to the folder or will it simply backup all the photos on my mobile device again?


    1. It’s true that both apps have overlaps in function but as the author pointed out the DS File app has an option to delete from your phone all the recently backed up photos, while DS Photo does not have this function (you would have to select and delete the photos manually). It’s handy if you’re concerned about saving storage on your phone. I’ve found that but DS Photos has features to create and manage photo Albums but DS File does not have any of the Album management functions. Although both apps let you view and backup photos there are small differences in capability for handling photos.


  2. Sorry – can you please edit my comment as I revised the sentence but left some words that should be deleted: “I’ve found that but DS Photos has features…” please remove “I’ve found that but “. Thanks!


  3. Hmm.. Backup from phone works great… but how to restore back to my phone? It has no option to restore..

    DS Photo can restore one photo at a time…
    Moment doesn’t really works… also cant selectively upload anyway so useless…

    DS Photo would be really nice if it can restore All Selected photos…


  4. Thanks for the tip. Turns out that DS File doesn’t find the DCIM folder on my phone. so I have come up with a semi-automated workaround that’ll have to do. Instead of using the Photo Backup option in the main menu, I go for Offline Files, navigate to the DCIM folder from there, select one photo, then choose Select All from the dropdown menu, and Upload from the 3 Dots menu.

    Would be better if the Custom option under Photo Backup actually allowed one to search the phone filesystem for the folder.


  5. I have enabled photo backup in NS Photo, is there any way to view backed up photos in Photo Station? It seems to back everything up fine but does not add photos to photo station for viewing. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?


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