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How to backup photos and videos from smartphone to your Synology -easily :)

Hi again!

I just discovered this past Christmas by accident, the easiest way to back up your photos and videos with a simple click. And how to remove them from your phone as easily!

I have previously shown you how to do this with the DS Photo app, but  I just discovered a better way!

Ok, here it is how to do it. You will need:

  1. DS file app installed on the phone

and that’s it 🙂

So, how do I do it then?

How to back up your photos

Here are the steps:

Open the DS app:

Click on the three bars to get to the menu and then click “Photo backup”:

Now you need to login your diskstation (1) and

2. Choose a folder in your server where you would like to load your videos and photos

3. Select if you want this to be done on wifi connections only

3. Upload photos and/or videos

4. Keep the original file name

5. Convert the image

Ok, so now you backed up your photos and you want to remove them from your phone? Here is how:

Delete the photos from your smartphone

Scroll down on the configuration pane, until you find the “Free Up Space” and click on it:

The app will tell you how many photos are backed up and if you want to clear them you just click on “Clear”. Easy right?



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