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Upload files on your Synology with a link and no access rights

Have you ever wanted to ask your family, friends, customers or suppliers to upload files to your Synology with a simple link and without having to give them per

Well, now you can. I discovered this by chance…

Here is how:

Navigate to the folder you want them to upload the files or create one:

create a folder synology

Right-click on the folder and click on “Create a file request”:

create a file request synology



  1. Set the validity period
  2. Copy the link to email it to them
  3. Send them a custom message
  4. Enable password protection

create a file request_dialogue synology

This is what they will see when they navigate to the link you sent them:

upload dialogue for clients

And you are done!!

Do you want to delete the link?

Follow this simple instructions.

Do you want to share your files instead? Here is a tutorial.


36 thoughts on “Upload files on your Synology with a link and no access rights

  1. Hi, I just found your blog after having my NAS for a short while now. 🙂 I am an intermediate PC user however I might have loads of questions.
    This article is useful to allow people to upload to a specified folder, however, my question is, will these people (or any of them) have access to this folder too? (after uploading to it)
    Or do I have to control that with general folder access rules?
    Example: I make a ‘public’ folder. I share it with someone to upload whatever to it. If I don’t want this to be accessable to everyone, do I just setup guest or user rights?

  2. Merci pour votre tutoriel ! j’ai cherché pendent des heures sur photo station sans succès !

  3. Thanks so much for posting this! I was trying to figure out how best to get a bunch of people to upload files to a specific location (esp. if not all are Google users) and came across this! Glad to know my synology has alternative uses.

  4. Somehow this doesn’t work. I’ve got the url with my… but nothing loads there. I tried changing the url for just the ip:5000 and then I only can access but not people outside my network.

  5. I don’t have the option “creat file reguest”… only “share file links”. What it’s wrong? ore do I need to enable “guest” account first?

  6. Thank you for this post. Are there any requirements to the filesystem? I have installed the latest DSM Version 6.1.3 an I can’t find the entry “Create file request” an my folder!

    Regards Gerd

  7. Thank you for your blog. Are there any requirements on the filesystem or any were else? I have installed the latest DMS Version 6.1.3 in my DS212j an I have not the entry “Create file request” on the content menu of the folder. What’s wrong?

    Regards Gerd

    1. I have found the solution. You can’t make a “Create file request” for the shared folder itself. It’s only possible for folders under the shared folder.

      Regards Gerd

  8. file request might be disabled for other users except the admin user. you can enable it under the admin user in filestation –> settings –> shared links.

    If someone has figured out how to enable email notification to the specific users emailaddress (meaning: the user that has initiated the file request), when files are uploaded, that would be worth my kudo’s!!!

  9. Hi! Thanks for sharing this! I was really happy to find that information. I would like to use it for commercial use, so I would be happy to customize the css of it…do you think it’s possible? Also, I would like to have it in English even if my NAS is configured in French. I didn’t find any other commercial services that would do the same: wetransfer, smash….they’re all about uploading/sending files but there is no way to send a request from a client.

  10. There must be another setting that needs to be changed. When I right click on the folder, there are only 9 menu items ending with Properties, Rename and Delete

  11. Sorry, I meant to thank everyone for the posts. I’m having trouble. I would appreciate your help. Cheers.

  12. I’m so embarrassed! I figured it out. The drop down is on the right screen, not the left – just as Junggerd said.

  13. my link is a local ip address (ie. 192.168.x.x) which does not work. It’s the hostname. Am I missing something? I can access my server externally with my quickconnect no problem

      1. Thanks for your reply. I am not sure what you are saying. I read your instructions here and it doesn’t work. Are you saying there is another tutorial?

      2. So, if you are trying to share files externally, you need to point to the external IP address of your NAS or your users won’t be able to see the file. They don’t have access to your local network.

      3. That was my original post and point. When use this method, it provides the internal, local network IP address, it does not use the external IP address. So how does one do that?

  14. I wish the drive software (not file station) could do this that would be a great solution for my users.

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