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Upload files on your Synology with a link and no access rights

Have you ever wanted to ask your family, friends, customers or suppliers to upload files to your Synology with a simple link and without having to give them per

Well, now you can. I discovered this by chance…

Here is how:

Navigate to the folder you want them to upload the files or create one:

create a folder synology

Right-click on the folder and click on “Create a file request”:

create a file request synology



  1. Set the validity period
  2. Copy the link to email it to them
  3. Send them a custom message
  4. Enable password protection

create a file request_dialogue synology

This is what they will see when they navigate to the link you sent them:

upload dialogue for clients

And you are done!!

Do you want to delete the link?

Follow this simple instructions.

Do you want to share your files instead? Here is a tutorial.



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