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Back up your synology on Microsoft Azure

I will show you here how to backup your Synology in Azure.

The first thing you need to do is to create a storage account in Azure.

Login in Azure and click on “New” in the Azure portal:

1. add a new app to azure

Search by “storage”:
2. New azure storage

and select “Storage account”

3. New azure storage account

Select “Resource Manager” to create a new resource for the backup.

4. Resource manager

Give a name to your storage account and select a storage type:

5. select storage type

Here are the different kinds of storage in azure: types


  1. Enable diagnostics
  2. Select your azure subscription (if you have more than one)
  3. And create a new resource group

7. configure resource group

Select Default storage group from the list of resources:

8.resources storage

Finally create your storage in Azure

9. create

If you have done everything correctly, you will see the new storage account in your azure portal:

10. select storage to get access keys

Lets go back to our sinology to configure the backup.

Login your synology and click on Back up and replication:

13. Backup and replication synology


First of all, lets create a connection to Azure. Click on “Backup destination” and then on “Public Cloud”

14. create a backup destination

Click on Microsoft Azure backup destination:

15. backup azure synology

Fill in the following information:

  1. Name of the backup destination
  2. Name of the Azure storage account you created in the first steps
  3. You need the Azure access keys (see below for how to get the keys)
  4. Click on create a new container and follow this rules to give it  a valid name:
16.container name rules
Click ok and apply:

17. connect to azure and create container name

To obtain the access key, go back to azure and click on the storage account icon/tile. It will take you to its settings page.

There click on the key icon:

11. resouce keys

You need the Key 1.

12. access keys storage azure

If you have done everything correctly, you will see the new  destination in your synology.


Now we need to create the backup and schedule it. Click on “Backup” and “Data backup”:


Select the destination we created on the previous step:


Select the folders you want to backup:


Select the applications you want to backup:


Schedule your backup:


and click “Backup now” to create your first backup:

24. backup configured azure synology

And your are done!


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  1. Hello Ruth,
    Info appreciated. Also tnx for your support on getting excellent stat feedback from our companies seminars this fall.

    BR et Xmas Gtngs/Magnus PS The Curbal Google dictionary råcks DS


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