Share File Station folders with Cloud Station 3.2

UPDATE: For previous versions of Cloud Station follow these steps.

Did you know that you can share your File Station folders with your friends or colleagues using File Station?

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only sync “root folders” (highest level of a folder in the File Station. Other folders will not appear on Cloud Station app.

It is actually very simple, but of course you need to install Cloud Station first.

Here is how you do it:

Click on “main menu”

synology NAS menu button

and on the cloud station icon:


Enable Sharing in Cloud Station:

Once you are in Cloud Station, click on “Priviledges“:


Click on “Enable” on the folders you want to share:



And finally make sure the user has permissions to the folder:

Go to:

  1. “Control Panel”,
  2. click on “Users” and “Edit”
  3. and check the user has permissions to the folder:


and you are done with the set up.

Access the folder through Cloud Station

Of course, for users to be able to access the folder through cloud station, they need to have permissions to that folder.

To synchronize the folders with your Cloud station client on your computer, click on the windows task bar and then right click on the Cloud Station icon:



Click on “Main App”:


On the menu, click on “Create“,  create a folder on your hard drive and then select the folders you want to synchronize and “Apply”:





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