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Increase the security on your NAS with Synology Security Advisor

Synology users have been suffering attacks, the most disturbing Synolocker,  which has left us wondering how secure our files are on these machines.

To regain confidence Synology has launched two packages in the latest DSM 5.1 update to help users secure even more their synology.

The packages are:

In this post we will go through the Security Advisor functionality.

This package is available on the Main menu synology NAS menu button in your DSM.

Once you have clicked on the icon, you will be welcome by this page. Select how you are using your synology:


Now you will be prompt to scan your synology for security. I will run through all your configurations:


Once it is finished, it will show you the following list (it will vary depending on how you have set up your NAS):


and it will provide you with a list of recommendations based on your current configuration. If you click on the ones that are highlighted, you will be able to read a description of what Synology thinks is a security risk.

Click on “View” to see a more complete description:


Review the details and the recommended actions and if you want to make the change click on, in this case, “Control Panel”.


Synology will then take you to the control panel, where you can perform the recommended action:


Once you have review all the actions, you can run a new scan and to see if all the issues have been corrected:


And you are done, Enjoy!



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