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Load phone and tablet photos directly on your Synology

You haven’t missed the latest updates on Synology apps right?

I do like photography and have Photo Station installed on my NAS with some public albums, but I have never given any use to the DS Photo App. Until now…

With the latest update of the app, synology has given us the possibility to upload the pictures on our phone or tablet directly to the nas.

It will free the memory on your phone and keep all your photos in one place!!

IMPORTANT: When you upload the photos, they will be removed from the album, but remember, you still have them on you nas, always accessible.

If you haven’t tried it yet, here is how you do it:

Click on your DS Photo app and on the screen click on the three dots on the top right:


Click on “Create new album”:


Give a name to the album and select who can view it. Then click on Done and Save:


Click again on the three dots (…) and Click on Upload:


And select from picture library:


If you want to select all the pictures in your library, click on the symbol below and then click Next:


Select which folder you want the photos uploaded to:


and your photos will be updated to the queue:


When all the photos have been loaded you will see it on your app:


You can of course cancel the upload queue if you want to. Just navigate to the task queue and click on the photo you want to cancel:



Test and Enjoy!!

By the way, soon this blog will celebrate its first year!!!

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