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Connection to Synology has been lost

Have you ever received the dreaded message:

Dear user,

Connection to has been lost since 2014-06-13 22:55:42 GMT +03:00. Please check the network connection of your DiskStation, and make sure its DDNS service is enabled.

Synology DDNS Service


I receive it at least every two months and in the beginning it was panic: all the websites are down if it is true.

Most of the time I have realized that everything is working fine, even though I get the message every 30 minutes. The problem is usually at Synology and until they have fixed it, there is nothing you can do.

After many complains from the Synology community, they have listened and they have created a service that let us know which services are down so we dont need to guess and panic anymore.


You can now find the status of services here:


What to do when you receive the email from synology?

First, look at the services to check it is back up. The service is called DDNS.

Then login to MyDS center and check the status of your service. If everything is correct, you will see all the fields filled in with the correct information:


On previous versions of MyDS you could change the settings here, but with DSM5.0 you need to manage the settings from the synology DSM.

If something is wrong, the QuickConnectID, the hostname and the IP will be empty. In this case, delete the service here by selecting your NAS and pressing delete:


Login to your synology and on the control Panel, click on “External Access”:


If you are having problems you will see a red text on the status field explaining that the synology could not connect to the service.


Delete the Service by clicking on “Delete” and then click on “Add” to recreate the service:


Click on “Register Now”:


Click on “Register with an existing account” and as a host name choose the hostname you have been using. Fill in the rest of the information and click “ok” when done.



Now, you want to check that your QuickConnectID is still working:


If your QuickConnectID is missing, add it again and click “Apply”.

Lastly, log in to your MyDS and if everything has gone well, you should see all the information filled in the boxes.



If some reason something is missing, repeat the steps until Synology services accept the changes, but remember, check that the services are up before doing any of this!



7 thoughts on “Connection to Synology has been lost

  1. Thanks. Very relieved to know that when I lose these services because of being away for too long, I can get them. Love my NAS.


  2. I’ve always found just restarting the NAS gets it working again. It’s annoying (especially because I always seem to be away when it happens, so can’t fix it remotely), but probably easier than doing the steps above.


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