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Set up FTP in your Synology

I have covered how to access your synology on the local network and over the internet with NetDrive. On this tutorial, I will show you how to access your files with FTP.

The configuration is “synology simple”:

As always, access your control panel by login in your synology:


Click on “File Services”:


Click on the FTP tab and then click on “enable FTP”. You can choose if you want to encrypt the connection:


and finally, you need to open port 21 in you synology and you are done!



4 thoughts on “Set up FTP in your Synology

    1. Hi,

      You can’t, with FTP you give access to the entire directory.
      If you want to share individual files, follow this tutorial:

      Or use cloud station to share “root folders”:

      With the upcoming version of cloudstation in DSM6 (only available in beta now) you will be able to share any file and any folder in your station,


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