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Enable multisite in wordpress

In this post I will show you how to enable multisite in wordpress.

**IMPORTANT**: Installing a multisite in WordPress will break your permalinks. WordPress will add “/blog” to all your URLS, and you will need to do a redirect if you dont want to loose your previous structure. Example:

Before multisite: name.synology.me/wpTutorial/sample-page

After multisite: name.synology.me/wpTutorial/blog/sample-page

Without the redirect, visitors that have saved your site as favourite will get a “Page not found”. You will need also to send your new URL’s to google, bing, etc for indexing…which is a real PAIN.

Internal links, that is, links to other pages on your site will not be affected.

Set up Multisite

Access the file wp-config.php from your file station:



And the following lines below the /* That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */. If it doesn’t say that anywhere, then add the line somewhere above the first line that begins with require or include:

/* Multisite */
define( 'WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true );



Log in wordpress and click on “Tools” and “Network setup”:



and you will see the following warning message:


Deactivate your plugins and proceed to create the network of sites:

  • give your network a name
  • enter an email address and click on “Install”:


In this step, wordpress will warn you about the changes on the permalink structure:


WordPress will now give you the code you need to add to wp-config.php and .htaccess:


Accesss those files with your File Station:



Copy the code to the wp-config.php below the /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */:


and the replace all the code in the .htaccess with the code given by wordpress (I used notepad++ to do that):


Go back to wordpress and you will notice that a new section has appeared: “Sites” and my existing site wpTutorial is there already.


You will also have access to your new “Network admin” where you can administrate all the sites and functionality in the network. For example, you can administrate which plugins are administrated at a site level or which ones are administrated at a network level:




15 thoughts on “Enable multisite in wordpress

  1. Hey!

    Very nice post and good to see somebody made it work on Synology.

    After doing all the changes I cannot log in anymore (I get a redirect to the homepage but no admin options available). I followed the exact steps you did and also others with small variations from other blogs none of them work…

    I am interested if the above still works for you on WordPress 4.0.1 on DSM 5.1 (this is what I have)?




  2. Any update? Same on my end, would love to get this working.

    Otherwise a really well written tutorial.

    Ben 🙂


  3. I can set up multisite wordpress on synology’s latest DSM and can access all the sites with no problems while in the same network. However, I am unable to access any of wordpress sites externally with the DDNS I’ve set up. Has anyone successfully configured their synology box with multisite wordpress that’s accessible from an external network?


      1. Hi Ruth, I can access my Nas externally through the DDNS that i’ve setup. I default dummy page of the web folder will load. I can also connect to the phpMyAdmin interface using domain/phpMyAdmin externally. By removing the multisite configuration in wp-config.php, i can also access wordpress, single site, externally. However, once I enable multisite I am unable to access any of the wordpress site externally. I can only access multisite via the internal network. I’m assuming that the configuration for multisite is throwing off the routing as the internal IP is defined by the multisite setting. Has anyone been able to configure their synology box to enable access to wordpress multisite outside their network? I have raised a support ticket with Synology, but they keep saying that its not an issue with their system and keep telling me to get help from wordpress. I believe that is incorrect, since multisite wordpress does work, but not in a Synology environment.


      2. I noticed that youve set the DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE to trantor.synology.me. Are you able to access your multisite wordpress sites externally via that domain? Did you make any other configuration changes, ie hosts file in the Synology box, to route the domain to your synology’s ip address? In my setting, its set to the static local IP address of the box.


      3. Hi Jon,
        I don’t remember how I did it, as I did that a few years back and I don’t have a multisite anymore.
        From the top of my head, you will have three different domain names for each site and you need to redirect them properly to each subsite, so each domain name points right.
        Something like this might so the trick?


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