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Share files one time using private link Synology DSM 5.0

If you want share files with somebody without adding them as users, Synology has a feature to do this.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For this to work, you need to be able to access your Synology from the internet.

Here is how you do it:

Go to File Station:



Select the file you want to share, right click and choose “Share file links”:



On the “Share File links” window, choose “Validity” if you want to set a specific period of time for the link to be valid:


Click on “Customize validity period” if you want to choose other than “A week” or “A month”:


If you want to secure your connection, click on “Enable secure sharing”. This will give you the option to either write a password or share it with your social network friends on Facebook or Google+.



If you decide to share with a password, enter a password on the field marked below, and if you have email configured click on “Mail” to open your mail service directly. If you haven’t an email account configured, simply copy the sharing link to any other email service and send:


If you want to share with your social network, click on “Add friends” and Synology will ask you to login into your account. Once you have logged in, you click on “Add friends”, click on OK and you are done.

Once you have set up everything, the user will click on the link you provided and will be asked to enter the password to access the file:



Once they entered the correct password, the file will be downloaded for them:


Which documents have I shared and when does the link expire?

Check out this post to find out.


11 thoughts on “Share files one time using private link Synology DSM 5.0

  1. Hi Jason,
    Of course, I should have made this clear from the beginning. Your Synology has to accessible from the internet. I have corrected this on the post, thanks for pointing this out.

  2. Hi Ruth,

    Is there a way to enable file upload in this way? So that my friends can upload pictures through once logged in this link.


    1. Hi Saj,
      No, not that I am aware of. But you can use Cloud Station or Photo Station (if it is only photos you want to upload). Let me know if you need help with this, I can make a post about it.

  3. did DSM deprecate the share w/ social? I have DSM 6.X and i’m not sure why i only can share w/ DSM user accounts or put a password.

    I use dyndns w/ my synology w/ SSL. My link resolves to the internal i.p. address if i’m on my local network but i’m able to access. but when i go from outside it resolved to my public i.p. address with a port specific to get to my diskstation, I’m not sure if i can set that port somewhere, and/or if i need port forwarding.

    I would love a simple Synology Diskstation app like senduit to do this. Maybe if i figure out my issue.

    1. Him jamboree, I have to admit that I don’t remember the option of sharing with social media, but if there was, it is gone now.
      You can change your ports for the external access in the DSM. I don’t have access to my synology right now so I can’t point out exactly where, but try under web services.

  4. Hi Ruth
    do you know which ports are used with this functionality.
    i have the firewall on, and 5000 and 5001 open, but it is not wokring as it should be


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