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Block unauthorized people from access your Synology NAS DSM 5.0

Once your Synology is accessible from the internet, some people will try to hack your password and access your NAS. Synology offers a service to block people’s IP address when they fail to log in after a specified number of attempts. This service will prevent them from trying again from the same IP.

Here is how you set up this functionality:

Go to the control panel on your synology:



Under “Connectivity” click on “Security”:



Click on the section “Auto Block” , click on “Enable autoblock” and set the number of login attempts and time inteval. For example, the users can try to login 5 times within 5 minutes before the synology blocks their access.


If any of your real users gets blocked out by the system, you can change settings by clicking on “Allow/Block list” button:



Click on “Block list”, select the user you want to remove and click on “Remove” button.





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