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phpmyadmin and MariaDB on Synology DSM 5.0

Right after I updated the synology operating system, I realized I could not longer access phpmyadmin and the database where I store my wordpress data.

After some online search, I discovered that Synology has replaced MYSQL to MariaDB and you need to do a few things before you can log in again.

Here is what worked for me:

Click on the MariaDB icon on your synology main menu:


MariaDB is in compatibility mode (I don’t have a picture of this as I have updated it already), so in order to upgrade, enter your phpmyadmin password in the screen that opens and click ok.

If the upgrade is successful, you will see this screen:


and now you can click again on phpmyadmin and enter your credentials to access the database. Synology has migrated all the databases and data for you:



Remember, your username, if you haven’t changed it is “root” and your password, again if you haven’t changed, is blank (that is, no password set).

If you want to change your password, you can follow this guide: Change your password on your SQL database using phpmyadmin

Some users are reporting issues when upgrading MariaDB and what has worked for some is to stop and start MariaDB service:


Search for mariadb in the package center and click on the icon NOT on “Open”:



That will open the admin panel for Maria DB where you will click on “Action” and the “Stop” and afterwards “Start” to restart the service. That might do the trick even for you:



If you are still having problems, try this tutorial from Rob


and you are all set, Enjoy!!


20 thoughts on “phpmyadmin and MariaDB on Synology DSM 5.0

  1. Good morning Ruth,
    I have made changes in my WP site after the DSM update and now I also checked access to the phpadmin files in the filestation. I am not sure if I have the problem ?


  2. I’ve got phpMyadmin working with MariaDB finally but am unable to get WordPress to connect to it.. I’ve uninstalled and re installed MariaDB a few times now and finally to get phpMyadmin working I had to comment out the #bind-address item in my.cnf and set a user password for the root@localhost user.. I still don’t get why WordPress is unable to connect to the database. Everything worked great before the upgrade.. any ideas as to what else I could do would be appreciated.



  3. Thanks very much. This worked like a charm. I found some nightmare scenarios to ‘upgrade’ Maria DB but this is as I would expect with the Synology products. Super!


  4. Ruth, thanks so much for this. It helped me resolved my mysql.proc error messages which had been bugging me. Thanks again. James


  5. Hi
    I have a Synology RS812, i have just installed it and all updates, and i can’t find MariaDB anywhere.
    do you know where to download it and install manual



  6. Hi Ruth,
    after the last update of MariaDB (5.5.37-0017) on my synology DS214play at each restart I have a message like this
    “MariaDB databases are currently running in compatible mode. Please run MariaDB to upgrade databases first”

    do you know how I can run MariaDB in normal mode?



      1. Hi Ruth,
        I have a message like this
        “MariaDB databases are currently running in compatible mode. Please run MariaDB to upgrade databases first”

        do you know how I can run MariaDB in normal mode?

        I made you described but still get the same message


        Kis Pipacs


  7. This saved my site! I could only load the main page the rest was ‘not found’ although the pages were clearly visible in the UI and were searchable, but wouldn’t display. This was after the mariaDB 5.5.41-0029 upgrade. Stopping and starting was all that was needed.


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