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Access your Synology on the internet with QuickConnect DSM 5.0

If you have just upgraded to DSM 5.0 , DSM 6.0 or bought a synology recently, you can enable QuickConnect to access your synology on the internet without setting port forwarding on your router. If you already have QuickConnect enabled, you dont need to configure it again, unless you want to set up an easy-to-remember ID.

If you want to configure your router instead, I have a guide for D-Link users: Set up port forwarding in your router to access your Synology on the internet.


What is Quickconnect?

QuickConnect is a service that can help you set up Cloud Station syncing easily without configuring port forwarding rules for your DiskStation. Do you want to know how it works? Read this post from synology’s blog: QuickConnect, Quickly Explained.

Set up Quickconnect in your synology

Follow the simple steps below:

Access your control panel:



and click on the “QuickConnect” app:



On the QuickConnect panel, click on”Register Now”:



and fill in the details. If you already have a myDS account, you don’t need to register again, just fill in your login details.



Once you have registered, give your QuickConnectID a name. The blue box below, will only appear if you have a previous QuickConnectID:


When you click “Apply” your new settings will be stored and Synology will let you know your new settings:


How to use those URLS?

You will use the DSM URL to access your synology over the internet.

You will use the Photo Station URL to access your photos (if you have enabled Photo Station)

and the QuickConnectID you will use to login in your synology through the apps:


Much easier than before, well done Synology!

22 thoughts on “Access your Synology on the internet with QuickConnect DSM 5.0

  1. Is there a way to use the quickconnect to map a networkdrive as you could with ? I’d like my drive to be accessible from ‘inside’ as well as ‘outside’ but haven’t found a solution that I could wrap my head around yet.

      1. Use WebDAV and a program like GoodSync to create scheduled jobs that “sync” folders on your home NAS with your work laptop (or whatever computers you use). Works beautifully and is secure. In terms of security through, add your work IP and only IPs where you will most likely be coming from into your home NAS. Then put all other IPs that try to come in on auto-block after 1 failed attempt.

    1. Yes & No.

      Quick Connect does two things:
      1. Allows you to locate your NAS on the internet as network’s IP addresses change.

      2. It can be used to establish a 2 way connection with your NAS without port forwarding configured on your router. This connection is slow as it uses Synology’s services as a relay.

      Thus, connections made exclusively through Synology quick connect without port forwarding configured on your router will be much slower (as you are using Synology servers as a relay).

      If you have configured your router’s port forwarding, giving your NAS a direct pipeline to the internet, then quick connect will be used only to locate your NAS’s IP address & then establish a direct high-speed connection with it (without relaying data through Synology servers).

      1. Not true, its a punch through protocol, the connection doesn’t go trough Synology’s servers, only the first packets to establish the connection.

  2. Hi Lasse, my isp block all ip ports in input so I cant use port forwarding. Can I still use QuickConnect?

    In another post were written:
    “When DS cloud now no longer detects your DiskStation within the local network, it sends out a request to the relay server requesting a connection, in turn sending a notification to the DiskStation that a connection needs to be re-established. The DiskStation then initiates a connection with the relay site: your slides are then accessible on your phone via the relay”

    Any way to connect permanently the DiskStation to the Relay?

    TK in advance

      1. Hi Graziano,
        Yes, you can still use QuickConnect to access your synology on the internet. I am not sure about your relay question, I suggest you contact Jeremief for a answer on his site.

  3. Can you control access to only files when logging in through Quick Connect?

    Also, can you create multiple accounts so that different users can only see files that they have access to?

    1. Hi,

      When you click on the Quickconnect app in the control panel, you will see all the quickconnect URLS:
      1. The URL for connecting to your diskstation on the web
      2. The URL for Photostation
      3. The Quickconnect ID for all the apps, including CloudStation

      Hopes this helps you,

  4. hi. Is there a way to reset the quickconnect password? I forgot that and unable to use the disk station now. 🙁

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