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Manually update to DSM 5 on your Synology NAS

If your synonolgy does not show the DSM 5.0 update, follow this guide to update manually. I can not show all the step pictures, as I have already updated it, but the steps are very simple:

Log in your synology, go to the “Control Panel” and under the system section click on “DSM Update”.


When I check for automatic downloads, my Synology could not detect the new DSM 5.0, so I updated manually. If your synology detected the new DSM version, just click on the download button and your Synology will download the new version for you. Otherwise follow the steps below:

Go to Synology Download Center select the number of bays and model and download the latest version:



Save it on your computer and go back to your synology and in the “Update and Restore” and click on “Manual DSM update” (OBS! the picture is from the new DSM):



Browse to where you downloaded the file and click “OK”. (OBS, new layout shown on picture)


OBS! You can NOT go back to the previous version after the upgrade.

The upgrade will start and it will take between 10-20 min.

Once the installation has been completed, you need to Restart your Synology.



After you re-start your synology, you will be welcomed with a really nice looking login page:


and after login you will be asked to set up your ConnectID:



I skipped the steps hoping that my previous settings would still be there and certainly they were, so it is up to you, if you want to configure ConnectID or just leave your settings as you had them before.

Once you have done that, you will be asked to update all your apps:



Navigate to the package center (the colorful shopping bag):

dsm 5 upgrade

And click on “update all” (in the picture they are already updated):

<img” src=”; alt=update all apps dsm5 package center” width=”=500″ height=”333″ />

and enjoy your brand new user interface, Well done Synology!!

Note, as you can see here, Synology noted that I already had a quickconnectID and saved it for me:


If you want to update your QuickConnectID on DSM5.0, follow these instructions.

16 thoughts on “Manually update to DSM 5 on your Synology NAS

  1. Good morning Ruth,
    My current DSM version is 4.3-3827. Under Control Panel/System I do not have the “Back Up and Restore” app only “DSM Update”. The DSM 5.0 is visible and there is a button “Download” but also two buttons “Manual Update” and “Update Setting”. If I use “Update Settings” will 5.0 be automatically installed or do I need to download it first ? I am a bit puzzled that there are both “Manual Update” and “Update settings”.

  2. I have corrected the post, as you well noted the app to update the DSM in the version 4.3 is called “DSM update”. Only in the new version is called “Update and restore”. Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. Hi
    I have upgraded to 5.0 but it is really really really slow 🙁 Is there any optimisation that needs to be done to get it running as quickly as 4.3 used to run?

  4. Hi Ruth,

    i hav doubt for DSM Update. i don’t update on my synology DS212j . my current DSM Version is 3.2. and my question is any change done after upgrade in my network settings, file browsers, and users configuration.

    please let me know.

    1. Hi Rushabh,
      Not sure what your question is, but I can tell you that the update is compatible to your previous settings. And it is always recommended to update to protect your NAS and files from security threats.

  5. dear Ruth,
    wonder whether you might be able to help me, even the explanation why would be most welcome.
    I run 2 small Synology stations, a single bay DS112 with internet connection for updating and a two-bay DS215j for manual updating.
    Currently the DS112 runs build 6.0-7321 Update 6 and although I managed the manual update on the DS215j to the first release of version 6.0, none of the following smaller releases get installed, Error message says something like “no downgrade possible, version must be higher than currently installed”.
    To me, a Windows only (private home) user, this seems like something of a fault within the Synology system not recognising build numbers beyond the first digit. Of course I have no idea whether the patches or improvements within the major releases are that significant but as manual patching is offered it should work,
    btw for downloads I go to
    Should I try downloads from another site?
    I really look forward to hearing from you or anybody else who can throw light on my problem.
    John Longney

    1. Hi John,

      It could be caused by a corrupted file in the system. Have you tried to RESET your NAS?

      *Note: Reinstalling DSM removes your current system configuration settings, but your data will remain intact. However, in case of any accidental data loss, it is strongly recommended to use DSM’s Backup & Replication service to back up your data and system configuration settings before performing operating system reinstallation.


      1. Hello Ruth,
        now that was quick, thank you so much!
        However that was the thing I did try of my own initiative when I had very little uploaded.
        Since then I have uploaded an awfull lot and to be on the safe side would have to buy another harddisk, so I don’t think I’ll venture further. The machine works reliably and as that diskstation serves only as picture backup station I think I can live without the updates. If it is not a known problem or possibly due to a false setting I may have accidently made I’d rather leave it as it is than run into real problems.
        Thanks once again. Wish you a fine weekend

      2. Hi John, I googled your problem and found somebody with the same DS and the same problem that solved it by resetting the Nas. But I understand if you don’t want to try it. I’ll check further to see if there is a less “intrusive” way and let you know. /Ruth

  6. Hi Ruth,
    I have a DS509+ with DSM 4.2 installed. Is it possible to install DSM 5 or DSM6 manually on this particualar model. If yes, which pat file would be the compatible one.
    Thank you,

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