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Manually update a new version of wordpress in your Synology

UPDATE: New tutorial on how to Automatically update a new version of wordpress in your Synology

UPDATE: New tutorial on how to upgrade to the newest version of wordpress 3.9 “Smith”


This tutorial will explain how to manually update a new version of wordpress.

First back up all your wordpress files and databases.

Once you have done that, download the latest version of wordpress.

Unzip it and save it somewhere you have easy access.

Deactivate all your plugins: Go to Plugins >Installed plugins




Click on the check box next to Plugins:




Click on the Bulk Actions button and select Deactivate and click on the button Apply:




Now we need all files in your web directory in your synology FileStation except the following:

  • wp-config.php
  • wp-content
  • .htaccess (if you have one for your site. If you can’t see it, it means you don’t have it)

Let’s do that: Log in your synology, and access FileStation and the directory where your wordpress files are stored:

delete wordpress files in your filestation


Upload the wordpress files you downloaded previously:



And you can log in again to your site with the updated version of wordpress.

Don’t forget to activate your plugins again!



5 thoughts on “Manually update a new version of wordpress in your Synology

  1. When u activate Akismet after the update of WP will Akismet “recognise” u or do u need to log in using activation code again?


  2. Worked fine with the update using your instructions. A personal experience: After I started to upload the files I logged on to WP but then the it still showed that there where a updated available. However, then the NAS signaled that the files had been uploaded. I logged out and in again from WP and then the update information was gone, so now I am set to go again.

    Thank you !


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