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Buy and use your own domain name with wordpress sites hosted on Synology NAS

***UPDATE: You can find a brand new tutorial on how to properly do this here:

Use your own domain on wordpress website hosted on Synology

Follow that instead.

If you have configured your free DDNS account to access your NAS, you probably have an address like:

and if you hosting your wordpress site in your Synology NAS, you are probably accessing the website with a subfolder:

This guide will show you how to buy a domain (for using GoDaddy’s services and forward the new URL to your wordpress site.

Below you can see the before and after:

Before forwarding:

before forwarding godaddy

After forwarding:

after forwarding godaddy


UPDATE*** I will move my account from GoDaddy to Hover as I don’t need hosting. The service and simplicity of the site is much better.

If you also want to register your domain at Hover, click on this link for a 2$ discount, when you sign up an account with them.


Get a $2 discount if you purchase your domain with Hover (I get also $2 discount, thanks!!)

As soon as I have completed my transfer, I will update this post on how to set up forwarding. Domain protection is also free at Hover.

Choose your domain name

Need help choosing a domain name? This guide is a great resource to learn how to choose the right domain name for your website.

Buy your domain name

Buy a domain with GoDaddy

1. Go to GoDaddy and search for the domain you want to own:

buy godaddy domain

2. If the domain is available, Click on added and then click again to get more options:


3. Select “privacy protection” as it will make your personal details invisible in services like WHOIS and click “ADD”. The reason for buying this service is that companies use this register to look for personal information and send spam and ads.


4. Click on “Continue to checkout”


5. Click on “No Thanks” as you are hosting your site on your synology,


6. Register as a new customer if you don’t have an account already:


7. Review your order and click on “Proceed to Checkout”.


Set up forwarding with masking on GoDaddy

8. Make the payment and proceed to configure the domain. Click on “Domain Name”


9. If by any reason you logged out of the web and need to login again, go to Godaddy and click on “My account”:


10. Log in your account


11. Click on “View my account”


12. Click on “Launch” on Domains


13. Click on your domain, in my case “”


14. Now we are going to forward the url: to the old Click on the Forwarding section “Manage”


15. Click “Add new one”


Forward your domain name

16. Now configure as follows:

  • Forward to: Add the synology address:
  • Redirect type: “301 (permanent)” so it will make the change permanently
  • Forward settings: “forward with masking”. This will do the forward and hide the old address, so only “” will be seen in the URL
  • Add a title, description and keywords
  • and click “Edit”


17. If you have done everything correctly, you will see the changes in the forwarding section.


Now you only have to wait for the changes to take place and voilá:

The results

Before forwarding:


After forwarding:




13 thoughts on “Buy and use your own domain name with wordpress sites hosted on Synology NAS

  1. We’ve done exactly as above, but while the website is visible under the masked URL, if you try to login to a WordPress user, the pages don’t work.
    Anyone overcome this?


    1. Hi Tim,
      That is because you are only masking the URL. To access your wordpress login you need to access it with your unmasked URL.
      If that is not convenient for you, you need to do a “proper” redirect with a fixed IP.
      Hope this helps,


  2. Hola Ruth,
    Gracias por compartir esto. Como hiciste para no tener problemas en sacar el certificado Let’s encrypt y teniendo IP dinamica en tu NAS?
    Desde el sporte Synology me dijeron por el error que tengo que debo hacer en godaddy un registro A y agregar la ip de mi NAS, pero como es dinámica cambia todo el tiempo.
    Si llegas a tener información bienvenida sea!
    Saludos y felicitaciones por el blog!


      1. Hola Ruth,

        Había visto ya tu tutorial, pero abriendo un caso en el soporte de Synology y leyendo en foros me di cuenta que al momento de generar el certificado hay que eliminar toda redirección, luego de eso se puede volver a configurar todo de nuevo.

        También decime si preferís que comente en inglés en tu blog o es igual.

        Saludos y gracias again!



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