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Encrypt important folders in your Synology NAS DS713+

Now that you bought your brand new Synology NAS and have started saving important and personal files on it, you are probably worrying about hackers accessing your data.

To protect your personal data Synology offers the possibility to encrypt shared folders and protect your data when you are accessing them through the internet.

NOTE: Folders connected to system services like web, photo, music, video, surveillance, download, NetBackup can not be encrypted.

Here is how you do it:

1. Click on menu button synology NAS menu button

2. Click on control panel contol panel synology button


3. Click on Shared folder in the File Sharing and Privileges section of the control panel:



4. Select the folder you want to encrypt, for example Personal files and click Edit:



5. Click on Encrypt this shared folder, choose a password and click on Mount aromatically on start up and click OK.


NOTE: If you don’t select Mount automatically on start up your folder will not be visible to you if you restart your synology and you will have to do the mount manually:

  • Access again your share folder icon on the control panel
  • Select the folder you want to mount
  • Click on Encryption > Mount


6. A warning message will remind you of the importance of saving your password. Click Yes.



The encryption key will be downloaded. Save it in a safe place and you are done. Your files will be encrypted when accessing them on the internet.

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3 thoughts on “Encrypt important folders in your Synology NAS DS713+

  1. If I select a folder containing a mixture of document types – the encryption will not “intefere” with e.g. photos in the same folder it will selectively do the encryption ?


    1. Hi Magnus, You encrypt the folder, so any file contained within the folder will not be readable by those who don’t have the encryption key or password. This is how Synology explains it:
      “Without the encryption key, other people will not be able to use the encrypted data even if they remove the hard drives from your Synology DiskStation and mount it on their device.”
      Let me know if you still have questions,


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