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Overview of google analytic tools for wordpress

Google offers a lot of tools to track the progress on your site. There are many tools available for you and for a beginner, it can be a daunting effort to understand what and how to use them.

In these series, I will go through all the tools I use and how to use them for your word press site.

Let’s start with an overview of all the tools and what they can do for you:

g mail logoYou need a GMail account to be able to login in all google tools, so go ahead and start creating one.


feedburner logoFeedburner is Googles own subscription service. It offers RSS feeds and email subscription for your website.

google analytics logoGoogle Analytics is a very powerful tool to track your site. You can follow among other things, how many visitors, from which countries, which pages they visit, keywords, set goals, and many many more features.


webmaster tools logoGoogle Webmaster Tools helps you see your website as Google sees it. A site that’s active in Webmaster Tools has a better shot at being fully indexed and ranking well.


adsense logo Google AdSense is a program to run targeted ads in your site, but we will be using the Keyword planning to optimize your site only.


google authorship Google Authorship is more than a picture next to your search results, it is also a way for Google to verify that you own the content in your page and for you to take ownership of it.  


google plus logo You are probably wondering, why do I need a google plus account for my website? Well, I you want to activate Google authorship, you need to create a google plus account. You don’t need to be active there, you only need an account.



It is really frustrating to set up, update and check and review in all of this services. The vocabulary is complicated, it is not intuitive and you will spend many hours trying to get all this to work.

So the question is: why bother? Well, once you have setup the tools and understand the functionality it is extremely powerful and I have to admit, really fun to use. You can literally spend hours analyzing your data (if that is something you like to do) and optimize your site.

I will do a series on each and every google service in an attempt to simply this for the non-IT user.


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