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Open ports on your router for your Synology NAS DS713+

To be able to   access your Synology NAS DS713+ on the internet or use the Synology packages, you need to open some ports on your router.

I own a D-Link router, so I will show how to do it there.

1. First you need to access the admin page of the router. For D Link type: in your browser and type your log in credentials:

login dlink

You need to know which ports to open for your specific package, so look for the complete list of ports provided by Synology. For simplicity, in this tutorial we will open only the ports need for WebDAV, File Station and Webservices. The same steps apply for the other ports.

2. Click on “Advance” and “Port Forwarding”:

dlink port forwarding

3.  You will need to add for every port:

  • Name: Give a name for the application, ex. Web Station
  • TCP: The port you want to open
  • IP address: If you select your NAS name in the “computer name” dropdown, it will fill it for you.

dlink port rules

4. Repeat this for every port and save.

And you are done!

3 thoughts on “Open ports on your router for your Synology NAS DS713+

  1. Your site is a godsend. So much about this NAS is tucked into non-intuitive places.

    I’ve managed to assign a static IP and reach the WordPress site I created from the web. But I can only get to the home page. When I click a link to the WooCommerce shop page, it references an internal ip address again. (192.168…) I’m not forwarding to my own site name yet. I’m trying to get the site working with the Synology provided address first.

    Is there another setting within WordPress I need to update? Perhaps within WooCommerce?

    I was fiddling with the publish options and set the site to require a password. That hasn’t had any affect. I can get to the front page without issue.

    1. Oh, thanks! I am really glad that it has been useful for you, i created this site just to help others avoid my struggles!

      ok, I am not a wooCommerce user, so I am shooting blinds a little bit on this one.

      Some questions:
      What settings do you have on Settings>General> Site URL and WordPress URL?
      Could you send a link to your site? You can email it to me by using the contact form if you don’t want to make it visible.

      Let me know, I have a test site and I can install the plugin and check it on my side.

      If you will use Google Analytics, check out my new site: .It is still a little bit under construction, but soon it will contain all you need to configure and master your Google Analytics account. Join the site to really get advantage of all the good resources I am creating.

      Again, thanks!! /Ruth

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