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Configure Cloud station in your Synology NAS DS713+

UPDATE: If you have DSM 5.0, follow these instructions instead.

Step by step guide on how to configure Cloud Station in your Synology NAS.

1. Click on “main menu” synology NAS menu button and then click on “Package center”:


2. Find Cloud Station Package and click on Install:


3. Click on “main menu” synology NAS menu button and on the cloud station icon:


4. Click on enable cloud station:


5. Now, for Cloud Station to work, you need to:

a) either you enable your NAS to access the internet and open the port 6690 on your router

b) or you use QuickConnect, which will enable you to access your files without connecting to the internet.


6. Click on “privileges” and click the enable tick boxes for the users you want to give access to cloud station functionality:


and you are done with the set up.

Download Cloud Station Program to start syncing

7. Go to Synology Download Center and choose your NAS model:


8. Find, install and download the Cloud Station package:


9. Once it is installed, double click on the cloud station icon on your desktop and start the application:


10. Now you need to login in cloud station and depending on how you decided to connect cloud station previously (step 5) the login credentials will change:

  • either you enabled your internet connection: and in that case the server address is “”
  • or you used QuickConnect: and in this case you just enter the quick connect name
  • Username: is the username of the user that will login in the application, ex: Ruth
  • Password: is the password you assigned to that user (if he/she hasn’t changed it afterwards.


11. If you don’t want to change the default folder location leave it as is and click next:


and you are done, Cloud Station has been successfully installed:


You will find your new folder under Favorites:


and in your File Station synology NAS file station button you will find your files under Homes>UserName (Ruth)>Cloudstation


One last thing, Cloud station will save the last versions of your files, so if you want to retrieve previous versions of current files, right click on the file and choose “browse previous versions”. NOTE: Only users can use this feature, this means that if you are logged in as an administrator you will not be able to use this. Log in as a user and you will see the option.



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