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Configure DDNS on your Synology NAS DS713+

***Update: Click below for a DSM 6.0 guide:

Configure DDNS on your Synology NAS

You can afterwards map your own domain name to your DDNS name to access your synology with it and if you do that, you will  be able to secure your synology with a Lets encrypt certificate (Https connections).

You need to configure DDNS if you want to access your Synology NAS DS713+ on the internet without remembering your IP address. It is very simple and can be explained in a few simple steps.

1. Click on “main menu” synology NAS menu button and then “Control Panel” contol panel synology button


2. On “Network services” click on DDNS:


UPDATE: On the new DSM 5.0 you find the DDNS settings here:



The rest of the steps are the same.

3. Click on “Add”:



4. Click on “Enable DDNS” , select Synology or any other provider of your choice and “Register Now”:



5. Click on “Create a Synology account”, add your email and the password you want for this account, click on the terms of services and ok:



6. Click on “Test Connection” and you will see Normal in green text at the bottom, click ok:



7. If everything was done correctly you will see your DDNS account in the list:



And you can now proceed with the next steps on how to access your Synology NAS DS713+ on the internet.

2 thoughts on “Configure DDNS on your Synology NAS DS713+

  1. i wrote an article to go forward this pb … remote access.

    Synology NAS are easy to set up, and there is one more thing to do …

    You have to open port (NAT) of your box, and permit services to be reachable from evywhere !


  2. my nas is on the second router.

    The first router is built in modem from my ISP. and the second one is asus router.
    all connected through cable but om different floor.

    Try to set the DDNS but i think it got blocked. i dont know how to set up on the router, any suggestion?

    quickconnect, as far as i know is slower right?


    PS: nice article

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