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Access your Synology NAS DS713+ on the internet

**UPDATE!! If you have upgraded to DSM5.0 or just bought a new synology, and you don’t want to configure port forwarding, follow these instructions instead.**


It takes some time to set up your Synology NAS to access your information on the internet, so make sure you have time before you start.

Packages that need to be activated first.

1. You need to activate WebDAV if you want to access your Synology NAS DS713+ on the internet. It is very simple and can be explained in a few simple steps:

2. You need to configure DDNS

3. Configure your router to access your files and Synology packages on the internet

Here is the tricky part, because every router is configured differently. I own a router, so it is the one I will use for this guide.

I am using a static IP address to connect to the internet, so lets look at how to do this:

Configure an static IP address for your NAS

1. First you need to access the admin page of the router. For D Link type: in your browser and type your log in credentials:


2. Once you have logged in, click on “set up” and “network settings”:


3. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you find “Add DHCP reservation”. Clink on the dropdown “Computer name” and select the name you gave your NAS, in my case “Trantor”


4. After selecting your NAS, D-Link will automatically fill in the details for you.

<img” src=”; alt=dlink autocompletion” width=”=300″ height=”103″ />

5. Click save and you are done.


Open the ports you need for the synology package

We will open ports 80, 5000 and 5005 in your router. Other packages will need other ports, like Cloud Station, so look for the complete list of ports for the different packages. For simplicity, in this tutorial we will open only the ports we need.

1. If you are not longer logged in your D-Link router, do it again:

<img” src=”; alt=login dlink” width=”=300″ height=”141″ />

2. Click on “Advance” and “Port Forwarding”:


3. You will need to add for every port:

  • Name: Give a name for the application, ex. Web Station
  • TCP: The port you want to open
  • IP address: If you select your NAS name in the “computer name” dropdown, it will fill it for you.


4. Repeat this for every port and save.

Test your settings, try to access your NAS over the internet

Ok, now it is the time to test if you have done the configuration correctly. To access your NAS over the internet, type in your browser: 5000 and you will access the log in credentials for your NAS.

NOTE: yourDDNSname is the name you gave to your NAS when you configured your DDNS.



And you are done!


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