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Access and map Synology NAS DS713+ files inside your network

If you have’t yet setup your NAS to work on the internet, follow this guide to access and map your Synology DS713+ files from inside your network.

Let’s go through the steps,

1. If you haven’t yet, download Synology assistant from the Synology dowload center. You have to choose your synology model first:


2. Choose Synology assistant, click on “Global”, download and install:


3. If the Synology assistant does not start by itself, click on “search” and if it finds your NAS it will appear on the list:


4. Click on your NAS in the list and then click on “Map Drive”:


5. Enter your Synology username and password and click “Next”:


6. Select the folder you want to map and click “Next”:


7. Select a free drive letter in your computer, for example z:// and click reconnect at logon, so you dont have to do this everytime and click “Next”:


8. Enter again your synology credentials, click on “Remember my credentials” and click on OK:


9. Click on “open the mapped drive” and “Finish”:


And your mapped drive will open:


And you are done!!

2 thoughts on “Access and map Synology NAS DS713+ files inside your network

  1. Hi, how do I map the drive from an external/remote network via internet?

    I’ve thought of 2 ways:

    HTTPS+WEBDAV (but I suppose this requires me to pay for a domain name to get the SSL encryption)

    FTP – but I have no clue how to set up a secure FTPS connection…

    Please help, thanks!

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