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Access and map Synology NAS DS713+ files outside your network

If you want to access your NAS files outside your local the network without using the DSM web application, follow the steps in this guide.

When you are connected with your wifi router, that is, you are connected to your NAS in your internal network, you can map your folders and work in windows explorer without the need to use DSM web application. When you leave your home network, the only way to access your data is through FTP or the DSM web application.

Here is a guide on how to work the same way no matter if you are connected to your local network or you access your Synology NAS from an external connection.

For this to work, your need to setup your WebDav application

Step by step guide on how to map your Synology NAS to your windows explorer

1.Download and install NetDrive, it works with windows 7 and windows 8. This software is free for home use.

2. Set up network drive by clicking ” New Site” and give your site a name, for example “Trantor”:


3. Set up your netdrive as follows:

  • Fill in your site name or IP. My DDNS name is trantor, so the name is
  • We will use a WebDav connection, so the port is : 5005
  • Server type: choose WebDav
  • Drive: choose a free drive in your computer, ex:Z://
  • Account: username to your synology DSM
  • Password: your synology DSM password
  • Click connect when NetDrive starts


4. And you will see your synology files mapped in your windows explorer;



13 thoughts on “Access and map Synology NAS DS713+ files outside your network

  1. Can I map more than one drive within the same webdav connection?

    It’s because I store my music on drive W, my pictures on drive X and my videos on drive y.

      1. Hi,

        No actually, my drives are already mapped within my local network. I have drive “w” for music, “x” for pictures and “y” for videos.

        What I would like to do is to map the same drives to my parents computer which is outside my local network (in another town) so through Internet.

        Is this possible?

      2. Hi,
        Yes, you can do it by writing in the field: “Site IP or URL” the file path you wish to map, for example,
        Let me know if you cant configure it, I can update the tutorial with a screenshot.

  2. Oh, I see, I just missed to add the folder part at the end of the IP. I got it now.

    But I still have a problem though. I use version of NetDrive because it’s still free and I have DSM 5.0-4482 and when I access all my new created webdav shares drives, there is a problem with accentuated characters. They show as weird characters. Would you know how to resolve that?

    1. Hi,
      NetDrive is always free except for commercial use. Is that your case? Unfortunately, if I am not able to reproduce the error, I cant help you with it. Have you tried to contact NetDrive?

      1. I can’t seen to connect following your detailed directions. Get the following error message:Mounting Drive M: failed Login failed. Please check internet connection. Can you help?

  3. When editing the files on the NAS through NetDrive, are the files actually locked so that other users on the LAN (home drive) cannot access them at the same time?

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