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Manually install wordpress in Synology DS713+

It is very simple to manually install wordpress in your Synology wordpress DS713+. You will need to install a few things in your synology before you can proceed

1. First you need to activate the web services if you haven’t done it yet. If you have done this correctly you will see a new folder called “web” in your “File station” synology NAS file station button .

2. You need to set up the User home functionality

3. The next step is to install phpMyAdmin in your DS713+. That will install a web tool to administrate your SQL database.

4. Access your web folder and create a new folder within:

NOTE: It is very important to decide the final before you name your folder:

The name you give to your web folder will be the name used to access your site

This means, that if you name your folder, wpTutorial, like I will do for this demonstration, the URL used by your visitors will be (in this case):

create folder for wordpress install

Manually install wordpress in your Synology DS713+

6. Now you need to download from wordpress site the latest version of the software and save it in your computer. Unpack the zip file, I use jZip because it is free, and load the files that you will find in the downloaded wordpress file inside the wpTutorial folder. You don’t need an Ftp software to do this, upload the files from File Station: load wordpress files to web folder

7. Your file station will look like this after you have downloaded the files:

add files to folder for wordpress install

8. Create your wordpress database with phpMyAdmin. Log in using the instuctions at the botton of a this post and click on database:

add wordpress database _1

9. And create a database. I have called mine “wpTutorial” and exit the application:

add wordpress database _2

10. Back to your browser and type (substitute “trantor” for the domain name of your nas server and “wpTutorial for the name of the folder you just created under web): and you will be welcomed to wordpress setup page.

setup database for wordpress

11. Now you need to configure your database:

configure database for wordpress

12. Follow the instructions and click run install. You will be prompted with a Welcome screen, fill it as follows:

add contact details for wordpress

13. Congratulations, you have now installed your wordpress site. Log in using the credentials you just created and enjoy! Here is the link to my new created wpTutorial. To reach the administration panel you have to add wp-admin to the URL:

login in wordpress


You probably want to start blogging right away, but there are some settings that are recommended before you start writing content.

Next topic: Buy and use your own domain name with wordpress sites hosted on Synology NAS

If for some reason, you still have problems, check out this video by Fanny Carle. It is in French, but it will help anyway.


5 thoughts on “Manually install wordpress in Synology DS713+

  1. Hi, i am from Thailand,nice to meet you.

    I have some question, Please help Thank.

    I install wordpress on ds211+ already and i can open on my network but i don’t know how to setting for acess my blog from internet.

    I try to fix and do everything which i found information on internet but don’t work

    I can acess synology on internet by xxxx:5000 and i use dyndns

    Please help me, really Thank

    PS: Sorry, my english skin not good


  2. I forget to ask, my problem can fix by buy domain name ?

    I use dyndns for cctv and my ds211+ but i don’t know about websit or wordpress


    1. Hi,
      Can you give me more information? What error are you getting? Does it work with your Ddns name?
      Buying a domain name will not help you.
      Have you open your ports on the router or are you using quick connect?


  3. your step 9 is too oversimplified… i tried to create a website on phpadmin but it is asking me so many different questions… like tables and stuff… have no clue of what i am doing…
    there has to be an easier way to configure the database…


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