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Activate User Home on your Synology NAS DS713+

It is very simple to active User Home on your Synology NAS Ds713+ and you will need this for several of the packages offered like CouldStation and installing your own wordpress site.

Here is how you do it:

You will need to activate “User home” if you haven’t done it yet. It is so easy that I will show it here directly:

1. Go in to your NAS DSM, which is the administration web interface and you will access it by writing in your browser: or

2. Access your control panel contol panel synology button synology button through your menu button:synology NAS menu button


3. Click on users under the File Sharing and Privileges category in the control panel:

user button synology dsm


4. and then click on the “User home” button to enable this function:

enable user home on synology nas

Activate the service in any of your hard drives and you are done!

You can now install wordpress in your nas among other things.


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