NAS server

NAS server for home use, why (almost) everybody needs it

What are the advantages of buying a NAS server for home use? Plenty, even for the non-tech user. Nowadays they are so easy to set up and installed that the average user can benefit from buying one.

After a volunteer trip I made to Peru with my company, I wanted to relate the adventures to my friends and family so I decided to set up a wordpress website.

Shortly after using, I realized that I needed more functionality and by doing some research on internet I started to understand the difference between and and hosting your own site.

Also during the trip, I took many pictures and my free dropbox account got maxed really quickly. I wanted to access my pictures between my computers for free, nothing unreasonable really.

I needed to do something about my problems so I asked one the most IT-savvy people I know, a dear friend of mine from Spain, and he briefly introduced me through whatsapp to the world of creating your own server. Again, some online research and I was sold when I read the specifications and possibilities of NAS servers. The only thing left was to choose model and brand and I was ready to buy.

With a home server you can do much more than what I described above and it is specially good for star-ups and small companies.

I have spent many, many, many hours to try to find out how to do the most basic things (I am not an IT engineer) so I have decided to share what I have learned and the sources I have used to install and set up my NAS and its applications. I hope that if there are more poor souls like me with little IT experience but tons of online ambitions, these series will help them start up in no time.


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